Convert and Improve Diesels with Propane

Convert and Improve Diesels with Propane

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People are becoming more interested in ways to reduce their fuel costs.

One such way is to convert your diesel engine with Propane (LPG) injection.

This technology was invented by Charles Butterworth in 1956 as a mechanical system but in recent years, has developed rapidly. Propane injection systems of today are user friendly, save more fuel, increase horsepower and produce cleaner exhaust.

The most recent development is the introduction of electronic controlled fuel injectors. These high tech injectors are designed to mix the precise amount of propane into the diesel engine air intake system in order to maximise the fuel saving and performance increases.

Only a few propane conversion kits come with electronic controlled fuel injectors. They are more advanced and do a much better job but are somewhat more expensive.

These conversion kits can be easily installed to fit your specific needs but the big advantage is the fact that if the propane tank should become empty, the engine can continue to function uninterrupted.

Below is a comparison of both typical average miles per (U.S.) gallon with and without the described kits for a number of different engines.


Below is a comparison of both typical average horsepower performance with and without the described kits for two different engines.


Following installation the immediate benefits include:

  • Reduced fuel costs
  • Increased performance
  • Increased service intervals from decreased oil dilution.
  • Much longer engine life.
  • An environmentally friendly engine with less smoke.
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